A Glimpse into the Famous Collaborations from Design and Art Industry

The design andart industryTheartgorgeous art industries are evolving at progressive rates. There comes a time when designers become artists and artists become designers or both the entities become entirely different. It is often mis-confused that both the genre affects the trends. We would like to tell you that the genre- fine arts and fashion design do not affect the trends and social temperature. If you get to create something using art and design, it is guaranteed to sell out in the blink of an eye.  The perfect examples of art and design collaborations are- tie-ups with TV shows, celebrities, bloggers, etc.

Leading Art and Design Collaborations

  • In 2001, Louis Vuitton collaborated with New York designer and artist Stephen Sprouse. Stephen Sprouse went bankrupt in 1985 and was tapped for Louis Vuitton. They created neon graffiti monogram bags which were a huge hit and were sold out immediately. In 2013, model Edie Campbell walked the runway in black body paint in homage to the designer’s work.
  • Brandalism is an artistic experiment done by internationally acclaimed graphic designer and art director from America- Antonio Brasko. Antonio has designed for some of the most famous brands such as Adidas, Nike, Intel, etc.
  • Girl is a unisex fragrance released by Comme Des Garcons Parfums and Pharrel Williams. The bottle features recognizable, cartoonish artwork by the Brooklyn-based artist KAWS. The amazing fragrances strike a balance of femininity and masculinity.
  • Jeff Koonsis the world famous contemporary artists. He collaborated with Louis Vuitton to launch the “Masters” collection. Jeff Koon’s gazing ball series can be found printed on Louis Vuitton’s high-class fashion accessories. Furthermore, Koon’s also collaborated with H&M to create an accessible handbag.

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What Makes Art And Fashion Collaborations Really Unique?

Do you have an idea what happens when the worlds of art and high fashion joins? Surely, it is going to create the most sensational collisions.In the past a few years, the number of collaborations between artists and designers has increased. There is no denying that the fashion and art worlds are slightly blurred, but they create magic when they combine.

What are Art And Fashion Collaborations?

The idea of art and fashion collaborations is itself exciting. For instance, take a brand that you are in love with and combine it with something to create something amazing. You are surely going to love the final product. The most common examples of these collaborations are- TV shows, bloggers, Tie-ins with celebrities. Some of the iconic collaborations which are still remembered by people fondly are between Surrealist painter Salvador Dali and fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli and Louis Vuitton and Stephen Sprouse.

What Makes These Collaborations Special?

 The best thing about art and fashion collaborations is, it makes things accessible and affordable to those who do not have the budgets to choose original products. It would not be wrong to say that fashion is in love with art and art has become stylish by collaborating with fashion. Right from clothing to catwalk shows, major labels all around the world involve a diverse range of visual arts to create something really stunning and amazing. These tie-ups are mutually beneficial to both the parties.

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